LGBTQ topics in Estonian media

LGBTQ topics in Estonian media

Telliskivi 60a-5
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We invite Estonian journalists, editors, journalism students and bloggers to a 6-hour training dedicated to one of the most interesting and sensitive topics in the media and blogosphere.

The training will take place in Tallinn on November 26, 2023 (Sunday) from 12 to 18 pm in a cozy space in Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi 60a-5). The training is conducted for Estonian- and Russian-speaking participants.

What is the training about?

Over the past decades, there has been more and more information about LGBTQ people in the Estonian media and blogosphere. However, often in such materials there is no clear understanding of the topics and there are hetero- and cis-normative attitudes (presenting gender assigned at birth and attraction to the “only other” gender as the only default settings) that are not realized by the writers themselves. This is not at all surprising, since specialized journalism faculties rarely discuss issues of identity and gender diversity.

Our training specialists will discuss with participants specific cases from Estonian-language and Russian-language media, think about the origins of incorrect language, learn why, for example, the use of the outdated concept of “homosexualism” should be replaced by the neutral “homosexuality”, what a non-binary gender model is and how to correctly write about non-binary people. We will talk about how the acceptance of different identities can turn out to be a winning strategy of a modern media that really keeps up with the times.

The working language of the training will be Estonian, but 2 language groups will be created (Estonian- and Russian-speaking) to work on specific cases. If a participant has difficulties with Estonian language, we can provide translation into Russian.

During the training, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions from a non-binary person Aries and to train writing a text and editing it with Aries’ help. It will be an interview opportunity (upon request) with a non-binary person Aries.

What are the goals of the training?

The goals of this training are to improve the professionalism of journalists and bloggers, inform them about modern correct language regarding LGBTQ people and develop understanding of the  diversity in the society.

Who are trainers and organizers?

The training will be led by experienced specialists Eeva Koplimets (Estonian LGBT Association) and Olga Gerassimenko (OÜ Gerro, Estonian Sexual Health Association).

More details about trainers:

Eeva Koplimets (she/her) is the cooperation officer of the Estonian LGBT Association. She graduated from the University of Tartu in social work and leads the association's counseling team. She has been a trainer in the Estonian Sexual Health Association and worked with people with special needs. Eevas interest and passion is people in their diversity.

Olga aka Lyoshka Gerassimenko (she/he) is a sexual health educator and a board member in the Estonian Sexual Health Association, a coordinator of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the European Forum of LGBT Christians and a general linguistics researcher with a background in Conversation Analysis. Olga loves to teach empowerment and has trained Moldova journalists to empower people and communities while documenting discrimination in 2016.

The training is organized by the queer cultural project Q-Space.

How to participate?

Fill out the form using this link, we will respond to you within 1-2 working days. The deadline for applications is November 20 (Monday) 2023.

Any questions?

Write to info.qspace@gmail.com

Date, time and conditions:

November 26 (Sunday) 2023 from 12 to 18 pm in Tallinn (Telliskivi 60a-5).

Participation is full (all hours), free of charge. Hot meals and coffee breaks will be provided during the training.